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Welcome at the website of General Practitioners Klaver en van Banning

In case of a life-threatening situation please call 112. In other urgent cases, call 023 571 20 58 and choose menu-option ”1”.

For a consultation you can make an appointment: Monday and Wednesday till Friday, call 023 571 20 58 and choose menu-option ”3”.

On Tuesday you can consult one of our colleagues, N. van Bergen en
F. Weenink, see also page “Samenwerking”.
If your last name starts with the letter A t/m K:
Dhr. F. Weenink, huisarts
Kostverlorenstraat 70A
2042 PK Zandvoort
Telephone 023 571 24 99.
If your last name starts with the letter L t/m Z:
Mevr. N. van Bergen, huisarts
Huisartsenpraktijk Nieuw Noord
Pasteurstraat 10
2041 VA Zandvoort
Telephone 023 571 95 07.

When you visit our medical practice as a visiting guest for a consultation, while you are not registered as a regular patient, we are legally bound to ask you about your medical background. In order to ensure we provide you with good healthcare we will include this data in our patient files. Without this information we are unable to provide (suitable) healthcare.
Our work is guided by the Dutch College for General Practice NHG. We work as much as possible in accordance with the NHG guidelines.

Opening Hours
We are open on Monday and Wednesday till Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm. Because of the corona pandemic you can reach us best by telephone, do not visit the practice without an appointment, and especially not if you have corona-like complaints. This way we hope to minimize the spreading of the virus.

Klaver en van Banning Huisartsen
“Dokters in Zandvoort”
Koninginneweg 34a
2042 NM  Zandvoort
Telephone | 023 571 20 58
Fax | 023 573 18 81

Evening, night and weekend
On weekdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am and during the weekend please contact the out-of Hours Facility “Spoedpost Haarlem” in Haarlem, phone number 023 224 25 26. All GP’s in this region collaborate in the “Spoedpost Haarlem”. The receptionist will ask for your name, address, ID and health insurance. Please have this information at hand.